Celeste's Balloon

A picture book adventure that really soars!

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Celeste's Balloon is a picture book about a precocious pre-schooler who builds and flies her own hot air balloon. The story takes readers on a high-flying journey above skyscrapers, through a carnival, and straight into a fantastic adventure.

What People Are Saying:

Parents everywhere will delight in this gorgeous book—though designed for toddlers, it has plenty to keep older kids entralled too. In Celeste's Balloon, we meet two daring girls and a troublesome cat who all take flight for a secret hot air balloon ride.

Hannah Danar, Kids Book Review

I love this book for being fanciful, but also for its stunning illustrations. It reminds us that you're never too small to have big dreams.

Myra Adeyemi, Reading Readiness

Bring the adventure to your iPad

  • Help Celeste, Sue, and Jake on their balloon flight
  • Play games to move the story along
  • Hear the story unfold with the Read-To-Me option

Available for the iPhone in the App Store

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What People Are Saying:

Great for younger children! I'm a Family Therapist and I found Celeste's Balloon to be an easy and fun app to use to stimulate my own child's imagination, and I recommend it to my clients as well.

Chrissy Gauyer

Since I found this app my step-daughter has been obsessed with it! I let her push it herself and when she makes all the little actions happen, her face lights up!

Marissa Miller

My kids love this app. It's a favorite during car rides or whenever there's downtime. They love all the animations and movements that really make the story come alive.

Alex Fernandez

Beyond the Book

Keep the fun going with these great downloadables. Use the desktop backgrounds for your computer or print the cutout pages on thick paper and attach figures to popsicle sticks for instant puppets.

Desktop Wallpapers

Cutout Pages

Meet the Author

Natalie Fitzgerald is a graphic designer and illustrator from Baltimore, MD. Her love of designing for children, storytelling, and book arts made writing a children's book a natural choice.

Celeste's Balloon is Natalie's senior thesis, capping off her undergraduate studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The aesthetic of the book was born of a desire to marry fun illustrations with well-considered typography and other graphic details. The story was crafted not only with the aim of being a whimsical adventure, but also to help empower girls to be brave, independent, and creative.


Fellow MICA alumni Jim Alley and Rachel Vrankin are the developers behind the Celete's Balloon iPad app.

This website was made with invaluable assistance from Shannon Fitzgerald.